Britclips – Right Angle Threaded Rod Hanger


  • angle bracket 90°
  • with threaded rod holder (rod height adjustable by screwing)
  • material: Britclips® Threaded Rod Hanger made of spring steel (type CS70)
  • Britclips® Right Angle Bracket made of steel
  • surface treatment: Delta-Tone 9000 (480 hours)

Specifications and packaging

Part No. Code R Fa,z(N) Pack No.
EM59420601 RHA-6MT M6 680 100
EM59420801 RHA-8MT M8 680 100
EM59421001 RHA-10MT M10 680 100
EM59421101 RHA-12P Ø 11.0 mm 680 100


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