Relay Box – WSB-1

Deatails The WSB-1 relay box is generally mounted at low level and is suitable for installation in any room including bathrooms.  Each relay box is supplied with a floor probe and will control heating according to the wireless signals it receives from the WST-1 thermostat and/or the WSP-1 central programmer. The WSB-1 can switch loads […]

Central Programmer – WSP-1

Detail  The WSP-1 is a compact, touchscreen device providing individual programmable control for up to 24 heating zones.  Generally a heating zone would be an individual room. The combination of a single WSP-1 central programmer and the appropriate number of WST-1 thermostats and WSB-1 relay boxes will provide completely flexible control of every room in […]

Wireless Thermostat – WST-1

Detail The WST-1 programmable thermostat is battery powered and can be wall-mounted or simply placed in a convenient location using the small stand provided.  The thermostat can send a signal to up to four WSB-1 relay boxes. When used with the WSP-1 central programmer, the thermostats programmable functions are superseded and it will act primarily […]